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Apogee Duet 3 2x4 USB-C Audio Interface

Apogee Duet 3 2x4 USB-C Audio Interface

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2-in/4-out USB-C Audio Interface with 2 Microphone Preamps and Hardware DSP - Mac/PC/iOS

Duet 3

Legendary Sound Quality, Total Portability and Hardware DSP
all Come Together in a Beautiful New Design


Sounding Amazing Never Looked So Good

In 2007, the original Apogee Duet shattered the expectations of what a home studio interface could be. Professional, personal and portable, Duet revolutionized independent recording and empowered musicians, producers and engineers with legendary Apogee sound quality, elegant design and effortless ease of use. Now, the all-new Duet 3 brings next-generation Apogee performance and features to a beautiful, ultra-low profile design. Duet 3 includes on-board hardware DSP that powers the Symphony ECS Channel Strip for zero-latency recording with FX. Tuned by Bob Clearmountain, the ECS Channel Strip includes presets custom crafted by the legendary mixer so you can dial in a pro recording sound instantly. Ideal for music creation, voice recording, streaming and even gaming, you can use Duet 3 with your Mac, iPad, iPhone or Windows workstation in your studio or on the go. Take your Duet 3 to the next level with the sleek Duet Dock accessory for the ultimate ergonomic desktop experience.

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Ableton Live Lite 11 & Duet 3. Creative Harmony.

Now Included!

Live Lite is a fresh and easy way to write, record, produce and perform your own music. It includes essential workflows, instruments and effects for creating new sounds, recording ideas, performing on stage and much more.

And now, you get Live Lite with your purchase of Duet 3. Register your new Duet to receive your Live Lite license.

Superior Sound Quality

Achieving superior sound quality in a digital audio interface requires experienced engineering that artfully orchestrates AD/DA converters, digital clocking, analog circuitry and power management technology to achieve a harmonious blend of carefully selected components and thoughtful design. Duet is the result of decades of innovation and expertise and delivers sound quality unmatched in its class.

Legendary AD/DA Converters

With two inputs and four outputs of legendary Apogee AD/DA conversion, plus two world-class preamps, Duet is the perfect partner for your home and mobile studio. Connect microphones, guitars, keyboard and line level devices to capture every detail. Monitor and mix with the full depth and dimension of your sound through two truly-balanced, line-level analog outputs for speakers. And, power your headphones with a zero-ohm headphone output for a dedicated headphone mix.

World Class Preamps

One of the most critical components for high quality recording is your preamp and the pres in Apogee Duet are world-class. With up to 65dB of gain and 48v phantom power, you can cleanly and precisely capture any audio source with even the most demanding microphones. Meticulous Apogee engineering, keeps noise and distortion down, even as you crank up the gain.

Duet Dock for the Desktop

Duet set the standard for making music and recording on the go with its small footprint and flexible breakout cable. But when working in your studio, the best way to use Duet 3 is with the all-new Duet Dock*. The Dock positions Duet at the ideal angle for quick adjustments and meter and function visibility. The rear panel connectors on Duet Dock make it easier to organize and connect your cables to Duet too.

Price: $179

Plug-in to On-board DSP

To capture your best performance, you need to dial in an inspiring sound quickly and easily. And few things are more distracting than latency when trying to record. Duet gives you on-board hardware DSP for FX processing with the Symphony ECS Channel Strip to precisely shape your tone on input and give you great sounding tracks, all while eliminating the delay that can occur while recording.

Low latency recording and great tone with the Symphony ECS Channel Strip
Tuned by Bob Clearmountain

The Symphony ECS Channel Strip, tuned by legendary mixer Bob Clearmountain, includes EQ, Compression and Saturation controls that let you create the optimal blend of channel FX for tracking vocals or acoustic instruments. Choose from multiple hand crafted Clearmountain presets and record with zero latency through Duet’s on-board hardware DSP.

Receive 50% off the Symphony ECS Channel Strip native plugin from your Apogee dealer when you purchase  Duet 3  or when you register on the Apogee website.

Apogee FX Plugins

Get up to 50% off Apogee plugins when you buy Duet 3

Obsessively crafted by the same team that designs all Apogee hardware and software products, Apogee FX and FX Rack plugins offer superior sound quality, and full bandwidth performance (44.1 to 192.kHz) for all DAWs on your Mac. From visually modern interfaces that allow you to precisely shape and contour your sound to meticulously modeled vintage hardware that is so accurate it has been endorsed by the hardware manufacturer, Apogee plugins will quickly find their way into your daily recording tool kit.

When you purchase your Duet 3 make sure to ask your dealer about special deals* on Apogee plugins. You can also unlock those deals when you register your Duet 3 on the Apogee website.

*Offer for a limited time only

Next Generation Control

Apogee Control 2 software for macOS, iOS & Windows

Apogee Control 2 Software for macOS & Windows

The all new Apogee Control software gives you complete access to all Duet functions and features including the Symphony ECS Channel Strip FX running on Duet’s hardware DSP. Apogee Control 2 is shared across all current and select previous generation Apogee products and will enable Apogee support and engineering to quickly react to future macOS and Windows OS updates helping to ensure Duet 3 compatibility for your workstation.

Apogee Channel FX for ECS Channel Strip

The Apogee Channel FX window (launched from Apogee Control 2 software) gives you complete control of the Symphony ECS Channel Strip. Dial in the perfect EQ, compression and saturation for your recordings and print them directly to your session in your DAW. 

Apogee Control 2 App for iPad Pro, iPhone and iPad

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Easily record and mix your projects on the go using your iPad Pro, iPad* or iPhone* with GarageBand or your favorite recording application. Duet 3 and your iOS device deliver the ultimate mobile workstation for music production, podcast recording or any type of content creation that requires high-quality audio inputs and outputs.

*A 12 – 20W USB-C Power Adapter and an Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter are required when connecting to any iOS device with a Lightning connector.

Beautiful Inside & Out

Sound quality comes first, but elegant design is a close second. After all, you’re always hands-on, controlling listening level and mic pre gain, so why shouldn’t the centerpiece of your studio have a high-end look and feel? The Duet multi-function digital controller knob delivers a luxurious-feel for dialing in monitor levels and mic pre gain, while also giving the desktop interface style accents backlit with purple LEDs. Perfectly contoured for ergonomic control on your desktop, the low profile body is topped with scratch-resistant cover glass for a modern look and solid feel.

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