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TC Electronic

TC Electronic Skysurfer Mini Reverb Pedal

TC Electronic Skysurfer Mini Reverb Pedal

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Studio-Quality Reverb with 3 Award Winning TC Electronic Algorithms, now with a Compact Footprint
Reverb Effects Pedal with 3-knob Interface and Toggle Switch

Product Features

  • Studio-quality digital reverb pedal

  • Award-winning TC Electronic reverb algorithms

  • Lush, warm repeats

  • Versatile Spring, Plate and Hall reverbs

  • Compact footprint fits on any pedalboard

  • Top-mounted jacks allow more pedals to be stacked onto your pedalboard

  • Built like a tank construction

Surf’s Up
Surf’s Up

SKYSURFER MINI REVERB brings you a premium – yet affordable, reverb solution armed with 3 studio-grade algorithms created by TC Electronic and housed in a compact, rugged metal box. Skim effortlessly across a deep-blue, churning ocean; swim in a cavernous grotto; or soar through the ambient spray of the surf.

Covering All the Bases
Covering All the Bases

SKYSURFER MINI REVERB offers 3 "bread and butter" reverb flavours via its on-board mode switch. SPRING recreates all of the drip and splash of an oldskool reverb tank like you will find in a vintage tube amp. PLATE enables you to mimic classic studio reverbs and HALL covers a full range of tones from earthy and organic to full-on interstellar spaceflight.

It’s All About the Tone
It’s All About the Tone

Unlike many of our competitors’ budget-friendly reverb pedals that often disrespect your tone, SKYSURFER MINI REVERB is the perfect beach buddy. Designed around superb studio-grade algorithms, SKYSURFER MINI REVERB provides all the lush, transparent reverb sounds you could ever dream of – without compromising your original tone. The onboard TONE knob let’s you tailor the sound of your reverbs decay to embellish and compliment whatever you’re putting through this powerful little pedal.

True Bypass
True Bypass

True bypass ensures you keep a totally pure signal and retain the integrity of your instrument’s tone when the pedal is not in use.

Tough and Compact
Tough and Compact

SKYSURFER MINI REVERB has the same great reverbs as its big brother and comes housed in an amazingly compact, built-like-a-tank metal box. Ever conscious that your pedal collection may be growing while your pedalboard may not, we’ve mounted the jack sockets and power input on the top of the housing to save you valuable pedalboard real estate. Allowing you to stack more pedals than ever before in a row.

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