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TC Electronic

TC Electronic June-60v2 Vintage-Analog Chorus Pedal

TC Electronic June-60v2 Vintage-Analog Chorus Pedal

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Authentic Recreation of the Juno-60 Synthesizer Chorus with 2-Button Interface and BBD Circuitry
Analog Chorus Effects Pedal with 3 Chorus Modes, Mono/Stereo Output, and True Bypass Switching

Product Features

  • Faithful recreation of the chorus circuitry from the legendary Juno-60* Synthesizer

  • Upgraded V2 circuit design for improved performance and true-stereo output

  • Authentic 2-button interface for intuitive and fast change of modulation preset

  • All-analog BBD (Bucket Brigade Delay) circuitry

  • Mono/stereo switch for ultimate chorus experience

  • Buffered outputs for easy setup with keyboards and synths

  • Internal DIP switches to select 4 different LFO rate combinations (Default 0.5Hz + 0.833Hz)

  • Internal switch for optional input gain, perfect for guitar and keyboards

  • True Bypass retains signal integrity

  • "Built-like-a-tank" metal chassis

  • Runs on 9 V battery or 9 V DC power supply (not included)

Classic Chorus: Chapter 2
Classic Chorus: Chapter 2

All great blockbusters deserve a sequel - First Blood II, Rocky II, Karate Kid II, Back to the Future II… You get the picture! Sometimes the sequel outshines the original, taking it from good to great, and sometimes it should have just stayed in the idea drawer. Well, this is one very hot sequel that takes it from great to gorgeous and definitely deserves to get out there to sprinkle its head-spinning magic upon guitars - and keys - everywhere!  

Warning! Wide Load of Lavish Lushness
Warning! Wide Load of Lavish Lushness

With its upgraded circuit design, V2 quite literally opens things up. When you go to stereo mode, prepare to be wowed! We’ve improved its true-stereo output and redesigned the circuit to deliver a much wider stereo field than ever before, stretching your territory of tonal dominance far beyond the horizon.

Keep Your Cool Classic and Convincing
Keep Your Cool Classic and Convincing

Preset I and II now come with two speed options each - original Juno speeds for keeping it old-school and JUNE 60 speeds for fans of the V1 pedal. Each mode has its own unique and delicious chorus-y charm, doubling up on your versatility. Preset 3 (I+II) has been completely reworked and carefully tailored to match the original Juno’s secondary ‘MODE 3’ LFO with painstaking accuracy. Also, the authentic 2-button interface allows you to switch swiftly and intuitively between presets.  In short, JUNE-60 combines classic, convenience and cool in a single chorus!

Dip in and Make the Switch
Dip in and Make the Switch

On the circuit board, you find two sets of dip switches. Use one to choose between four different combinations of the LFO rate for presets I and II. And use the second to match the input gain for a guitar or a keyboard/synth. That’s right! JUNE-60 V2 is just as awesome for synths, as it is for guitars, which makes a lot of sense considering where it originally started its swirly journey.

One Stop Synth Pop
One Stop Synth Pop

The classic pop culture of the '80s and '90s has never been hipper than it is right now. If you’re deep into synthpop, JUNE-60 is guaranteed to breathe new life - and a mind-blowing layer of classic vibes - into your lush pads, tight stabs and soaring leads! It even comes with buffered outputs for easy connection with keys and synths right out of the box.    

Buckets of All Analog Awesomeness
Buckets of All Analog Awesomeness

The Bucket Brigade Device (BBD) circuit is as classic as the Juno itself, and obviously we wanted to keep it totally within the analog domain for a pedal of this legendary magnitude. One simply does not replace Rambo’s bow with a laser gun!

When Beauty and Brains Meet in a Box
When Beauty and Brains Meet in a Box

JUNE-60 V2 not only sounds amazing, it also looks drop-dead gorgeous. Paying tribute to the original Juno, we maintained the original control layout and gave it wooden panels - when it sounds this classic, it deserves to look that classic!

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