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Blue Microphones Bluebird SL Large-Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone

Blue Microphones Bluebird SL Large-Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone

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Bluebird SL delivers pristine, highly versatile sound that makes every detail of your performance come to life. With a high-pass filter and -20dB pad, Bluebird SL is ideal for capturing standout vocal performances, expressing the true tone of guitars, piano and more with extended upper clarity, smooth mids and rich lows. Next stop, top-flight sound.

Behind the Mic

With the original Bluebird microphone, Blue set a new standard for modern recording mics. Bluebird SL advances that legacy with refined sonics and versatile switches to capture exceptionally clear and powerful sound that makes ears perk up and listen. Add in an updated design to inspire your best performances, and what you get is a best-selling Essential Series condenser mic.

Inside the Sound

Every component of Bluebird SL is specially designed to deliver modern, crystal-clear tone. The hand-built capsule utilizes a fine, gold-sputtered Mylar diaphragm that delivers superior resonance at higher frequencies to help vocals cut through the mix. The sculpted rear backplate ensures balanced sound across the entire frequency spectrum. And discreet Class-A circuitry maximizes the accuracy of your sound.

Make The Switch

Bluebird SL is a one-of-a-kind mic for every kind of performance. The new onboard switchable 100Hz high-pass filter and -20dB pad give you the flexibility to track a wide variety of sound sources with nuance and power. Use Bluebird SL to capture a singer’s unique vocal character in stunning detail, achieve full-frequency guitar recordings and more.

Product Features

  • Extended upper clarity with smooth mid frequencies for any voice or instrument
  • Hand-built proprietary large-diaphragm cardioid capsule for full, open sound
  • High-pass filter and -20dB pad for ultimate versatility
  • Works great with home studio USB audio interfaces

Technical Specifications

  • Transducer Type:¬†Condenser, Pressure Gradient
  • Polar Patterns:¬†Cardioid
  • Frequency Response:¬†20Hz ‚Äď 20kHz
  • Sensitivity:¬†28.5 mV/Pa at 1 kHz (1 pa = 94 dB SPL)
  • Output Impedance:¬†50 ohm
  • Rate Load Impedance:¬†Not less than 1k ohm
  • Maximum SPL:¬†138dB SPL (0.5%)
  • S/N Ratio:¬†82.3 dB-A
  • Noise Level:¬†11.7
  • Dynamic Range:¬†126.3 dB
  • Power Requirement:¬†+48V DC Phantom Power
  • Weight:¬†455g
  • Dimensions:¬†222.5mm x 47.5mm
  • HPF:¬†100Hz, 12db per octave
  • PAD:¬†-20dB


The Studio Mic of Choice for Modern, Crystal-Clear Sound

Bluebird SL
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